About Us

Welcome to Villa Aroor, a 120+ year old Bungalow that has been thoughtfully restored into a beautiful homestay where luxury harmoniously intertwines with old-world charm. Nestled in the midst of lush greenery, the villa treats you to picturesque vistas of tea and coffee plantations embracing the hilltop from both sides. The soothing sound of birds, invigorating fragrance of tea and coffee and the tranquil serenity of the surrounding environment, provide an enchanting escape from the chaos of everyday life.

Be it a cherished family vacation, a romantic getaway, a joyous gathering with friends, or even a solo expedition; Villa Aroor provides the perfect setting for you to relax and soak in the breathtaking views that surround you. The Villa beckons you to relish the perfect blend of nature's embrace and lavish comforts - an experience that inspires and rejuvenates, etching cherished memories that linger for a lifetime.